Our managing partner participated of a presentation by Emiliano Kargieman, CEO of Satellogic.

Satellogic is helping improve access to Earth observation satellites for Governments, Non- Government Organizations and Corporations around the world.

The company builds and operates earth observation satellites with a 1m resolution multispectral imaging sensor and a unique 30m hyperspectral imaging sensor. Earth observation satellites have well-documented uses to improve mapping, analyse land use, monitor developments in response to specific natural and political disruptions, enhance border and coastal security among many other applications. Today Satellogic operates eight satellites with plans to launch up to 60 by the end of 2019. The growing Satellogic constellation enables high resolution, low-cost imaging at a greater frequency which will enable a multitude of new uses as open data sets of geospatial imagery to become available and accessible to industry, academia, scientific institutions and independent application developers.